Mr. Shan Is In the Building

I am a twenty-two year old senior at Dickinson College. My major is in the Sociology Department. I am a fan of the liberal-arts curriculum offered by the school. After graduation, I plan on moving back to Queens, New York where I can commute to work. I have resided within the Greater New York City Area for most of my life. Public schools educated me until high school when I attended a boarding school in New England. Those four years shaped my perspective on life. When choosing Dickinson my senior year in high school, I knew that I wanted a small campus experience once again. Moving to Central Pennsylvania and living here for three and a half years has been a defining experience. I continue to build on my journey through high school as I finish my bachelors degree here. Each day I reflect on how similar and different Dickinson is from Milton Academy. Certain privileges are lost as I navigate college life as an adult. Yet, similar interests remain the same.


Dickinson is parallel to Milton in its emphasis on both the arts and athletics. The academic life in college is arguably more vigorous than in high school. Following a syllabus and meeting strict deadlines is a change of pace from Milton. I believe I am more literate as a result of taking close to thirty credits as an undergraduate student. At Dickinson, I am more accountable for my own learning, personal growth, and social life. Choosing to attend every class, as many home games as possible, and lectures offered each week, I try to be as involved on campus as I am physically able to. I think Dickinson offers a rigorous residential life inclusive of both curricular and extracurricular activities. I am the kind of person that prefers the weekdays over the weekends. When I am in my room, I like to play songs on YouTube. I began noticing rising stars who have channels and subscribers to their cover productions. They film themselves performing a popular tune and draw in hundreds of thousands of viewers. This fall semester, I am taking a writing in the discipline course. My weekly posts are of topics of my choice that pertains to my understanding of digital literacy. I choose to write about the most well received cover artists on YouTube as my theme for this semester. I hope to have fun in the process and that Dickinsonians will read my posts.


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