Miley Cyrus sings The Scientist by Coldplay

Like some of my earlier posts, some attention is paid regularly to cover videos other than the usual Kurt Hugo Schneider or similar famed YouTube musicians. This video will explore Miley Cyrus’ rather recent perform at a concert in New Orleans. I believe this clip is vital to explore some questions I have regarding the evolution of pop music in this generation. Miley Cyrus is among the handful of superstars that are in my age group (roughly between 22 and 25 years old). Justin Beiber and Taylor Swift falls within this age range. Witnessing their endless successes has been wonderful from the perspective of someone going through the same transition into adulthood. Although my dating life may not have the same amount of media coverage, I would say that my longing for a partner is nonetheless equal. Examining Miley’s growth from Disney princess to independent, young adult has been eye-opening. Not only does she exemplify how easily one’s image can change, she also embodies privilege in the American teenager years. This theme parallels the ideas made in essential all of my blog posts– how American youths express themselves in the cyber-media age.

What really happened to Miley Cyrus? I am still dumbstruck by her transformation in the past handful of years. My early memories of Miley Cyrus is from her role in Disney’s Hannah Montana. From that show, several albums were recorded including “See You Again” and “The Climb.” Needless to say, Miley Cyrus was the princess of the American music scene. While in middle school, there was not a single child who did not know who she was or the lyrics to her songs. Miley was critically regarded as the daughter of Billy Ray Cyrus who surpassed her father in popularity before turning eighteen years old. Cyrus’ starring in “The Last Song” with Liam Hemsworth further consolidated Miley’s influence in Hollywood. In fact, the co-stars dated for a significant period of time while being regarded as a power couple like those of Taylor Swift and Harry Styles or of Justin Beiber and Selena Gomez. Their break-up shocked millions of fans as does that of other celebrity courtships. After the falling apart with Hemsworth, Miley underwent what appears to be a rebellious phase that morphed into her current personality.



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