CIMORELLI “Really Don’t Care”

CIMORELLI is an interesting group of women. This all-female acapella display entertaining music videos along with their cover renditions of popular tunes. They began their YouTube career with more conservative videos of their singing around a piano. While these songs were well arranged, I believe the more recent productions are more entertaining. Take this song, for example: “Really Don’t Care” by Demi Lovato. The girls’ personality shines in the story captured by the video. A girls’ band from the suburbs, CIMORELLI takes to the leisure of neighboring driveways to shoot their scenes. Characteristics of these recent cover videos include silly dance moves by each member of the group. Six to be exact, CIMORELLI is unique in its female composition. The age difference spans approximately five years.

What is important to take away from CIMORELLI’s success is that young women with musical talents aspire to publicize their vocal training. While CIMORELLI transitioned from wearing dresses and singing beside a piano to wearing t-shirts and shorts and roaming the suburbs, they embody youthful women’s desire to sing in professional venues. Many successful college and high school acapella groups perform nationwide in competitions and tours. CIMORELLI found an outlet made available through YouTube. In this regard, CIMORELLI’s fame could be attributed to Kurt Hugo Schneider and his cohort. However, CIMORELLI’s is defined by the strength of each of its singers rather than the compilation of musical abilities in KHS’s channel. Overall, CIMORELLI has creative ideas for their interpretation of music videos and offers variety to the possibility of music video arrangements. Summers are better supplemented by the drama captured by these young women.


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