Megan Davies’ Summertime Sadness

How much different from the original Lana Del Ray song! That is the beauty of acoustic covers. When scrolling through the comments on this video, two assertions stand out. The first person prefers the sadness felt in Del Ray’s voice. Megan Davies and her featured guest sings the cover as puppy lovers. That leads to the second comment featured in this YouTube video. The second person suggests that chemistry exists between Megan and the lovely gentleman singing next to her. I thought that this was possible as well. However, my focus is not on the behind the scenes relations of the artists. What the focus remains on is the experience of viewing the video for four minutes. The experience is more enjoyable than a twenty four minute long show or a ninety seven minute long film. YouTube videos are free and growing at rates parallel to the blockbuster industry. Following the new releases of these artists is similar to following the NBA Draft or the Marvel series. When I need to hear music from talented peers in my age group, I turn to the YouTube subscriptions linked to my Google account.


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