Husky StarCraft II


I would like to express my enthusiasm for e-sport YouTube videos. The introduction of this game strays from my previous concentration on cover music videos. I would like to open this blog to a larger variety of online entertainment. Husky is the nickname of a popular shout-caster online. He is an avid StarCraft II fan. This real time strategy game (RTS) is developed by Blizzard who also brought about World of Warcraft, Diablo, and WarCraft III. Blizzard Entertainment has had a profound impact on my appreciation of computer games. An entire generation of e-gamers were born within the past two decades.

Husky shout-casts videos from the Major League Games (MLG). The level of play is the highest on the international stage. Part of the appeal of these replay videos for me is to admire the skill of the professionals. At the same time, Husky has a charming personality which makes spectating these games the more exciting. He begins each video with his signature introduction, “Hello! This is Husky here with some more 1 v. 1 action!” Like the singers discussed in earlier blog posts, Husky has signature comments that viewers remember. I find his jokes amusing and filled with originality. Husky is a pioneer in the success of a shout-caster (many of his videos have over a quarter million views). This is impressive compared to music videos that reach that much viewership. Husky’s productions are home-made. He has collaborated with graphics designers to upgrade his brand while maintaining quality in his commentary. What is impressive about his channel is the sheer quantity of matches shout-casted. His volume of videos demonstrate how passionate Husky is providing audio feedback on professional level matches.

Similar to Kurt Hugo Schneider, Husky StarCraft has found immense success on YouTube. Kurt has been able to showcase his talent in music. Husky has convinced me of his enthusiasm for quality online competition. The way that these two celebrities differ is their amount of collaboration with others in their field. Kurt has done numerous song covers with big names on YouTube. Husky has a different professional network. Through his in-video announcements, I get the sense that he is well connected in the world of e-gamers. Many grand-master level games are waiting for him to shout-cast. Husky has to choose which games to view, analyze, and post online. Kurt, on the other hand, aims for quality over quantity and seeks out the next big hit. In many ways, Kurt’s work is mainstream and Husky’s fans share the love for e-sports. As somebody who appreciates both music and real time strategy games, I have so much to share about my experiences. I hope that this blog can express my varied interest on YouTube. Some people prefer watching shows and movies; I think YouTube is the way to go!


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