Rebecca Black Part Two

I cringed the first time I saw this music video. This song debuted while I was in high school and around the time that Rebecca Black was popular. Alison Gold is similar by age and plays on her youthfulness to produce a catchy pop song. Rebecca Black had two hit songs including “Friday” and “My Jeans.” Both songs ridicule the excitement of middle school for young females. “Friday” was about Black’s yearning for the weekend after a long school week. “My Jeans” emphasizes the utility of a favorite pair of denim. These two songs caught the attention of my classmates as they shared their earlier viewing experiences with YouTube. Alison Gold’s “Chinese Food” falls into the same genre of teenage pop sensations. This song was not well received by me as it satirizes American Chinese Food. Unlike Rebecca Black’s singing about the weekend or her favorite pair of pants, Gold seems to poke fun at a style of cuisine. Done in good humor, “Chinese Food” music video expresses the sentiment of a young girl whose lack of gratefulness shows. Gold’s tone is insensitive and relies on a stereotype to fuel the success of the song.



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