Joseph’s Love Yourself

Joseph Vincent has been in the cover video circuit for about as long as Jason Chen has. There is something to be said about this kind of work. Both artists are Asian Americans based in California. Joseph happened to be the second male singer I listened to online after Jason. These two are celebrities along with Ryan Higa and Jeremy Lin. While Higa and Lin mainly involve themselves in comedy, Chen and Vincent are vocalists. These individuals are the most prominent in depicting the not so young generation of Asian males. Needless to say that these guys are eligible bachelors. They are decent role models for teenagers aspiring to make a difference. Their talents go beyond the classroom and the desktop computers shy Asian males are known to occupy. The way that Joseph dresses is rather hip as he tries on a different combination of t-shirts, hoodies, and sneakers in each appearance. Their musical contributions is not the focus of this blog. While their Asian male voices provide a distinct sound, more noteworthy is their existence. I am glad that Jason Chen and Joseph Vincent are successful on YouTube and have their fan base. Just like Jeremy Lin’s presence in basketball, Jason and Joseph are visible in American media. Pay attention to his celebrity name: Joseph Vincent. Perhaps this person could have chosen a different artist name but two Anglo first names does not fall flat either.


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