A Multimodal Approach To Affirmative Action

This video takes the soundtrack from Chris Rock’s Cheese and Cracker album and interprets the skit through hand written note cards. This song is one that I listen to there and now. I think Mr. Rock has a strong take on the history of affirmative action in the United States. He begins with slavery and moves on to highlight the athletic prowess of African American men as significant. His particular point of view does not encompass all that affirmative action stands for, however. This song expresses comedic commentary on black men and their contributions to society. By titling this scene “Affirmative Action,” no particular weight is placed on African Americans or other beneficiaries of the policy.

The idea for this multimedia project comes from the desire to create a YouTube video. This semester, I have blogged about music video celebrities: Kurt Hugo Schneider, Sam Tsui, and Alex Goot. I used their cover songs to discuss contemporary trends in music production. With the first two minutes of “Affirmative Action,” I emulate the process of covering a preexisting song. By using my handwriting to analyze the lyrics of the comedic sketch, I mimic the work of Schneider and Tsui. Taking note that my artistic skills do not parallel that of Hugo Schneider’s, I made do what I could with my resources. Kurt and Sam have access to good film editing tools along with good quality cameras and scenic design. Mr. Rock has down this particular take on black men and their athletic success. In fusing the work of Chris Rock and Kurt/Sam, I ended up with this clip.

I hope that you guys enjoy this video and find it intriguing! Educational Fair Use guidelines are followed in this video upload.




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