Against The Current

Meet Alex Goot and Chrissy Costanza. These singers are multi talented. Much like Sam Tsui and Tiffany Alvord, this duo makes for awesome cover songs. Alex has a coarser voice while Chrissy has a more feminine one. The lead singer is Chrissy. She wears red lipstick in this video and has on dark mascara. With her hair angled onto her shoulders, she resembles a particular feminine ideal. A slender female who has a great voice is irresistible. With the right body movements and hair flips, Chrissy performs contemporary beauty standards. Alex has a chic frame that compliments his stature. He sits comfortably on the keyboard as Kurt bangs on some drums. These three young individuals are rock stars on and off their YouTube Channels. When they are not in the studio, they lead a life of fame. Having more than a million views on YouTube is an extraordinary accomplishment. Some of their collaborated cover videos are more listened to than the original song maker’s.

A trio of singers and dancers appear often in this canon of YouTube cover songs. Viewers can see the entertainers bob their heads and pump their fists. Their body language suggest their enthusiasm for the original songs. Kurt seems to gain great satisfaction in arranging the sounds to the cover edition. He experiments with numerous instruments including digital devices. An electronic mixing board is among his repertoire of melody constructing devices. Chrissy has the girly moves and make-up. She has the appearance of a clubber rather than a raver. A casually dressed lady without showing much skin leaves a good vibe for audience members. Chrissy complements the distinguished Kurt Schneider and Alex Good. She comes from the group Against the Current. Her charm and voice brought her to the main stage with the touring YouTube celebs.

This cover is to One Republic’s Counting Stars. The song is about the singer’s desire for someone to fulfill his or her desires. The title “Counting Stars” suggest that the relationship between two persons is above material goods. The catchy one liner, “instead of counting dollars; we’ll be counting star” romanticizes an ideal that a couple likes to hear. The belief that an attraction goes beyond quantifiable means feels warm and fuzzy. One Republic has a good track record of balancing falsetto and non falsetto projections to depict a particular genre of beauty. Ms. Costanza interprets the song well. The opening scene to their video mirrors that of One Republic’s. Several microphone stands are wired to both electronic and traditional instruments. The parallel between the original video and the cover video is close. Both versions are recorded in high definition. They have undergone endless takes and film editing. The finished project is one that can demonstrate the utility of music entertainment on YouTube. Like Facebook, YouTube is free to stay for the foreseeable social media phase.


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  1. dredtabletop says:

    I love a good cover that is even smoother than the original song! It sounds like Kurt does a great job re-arranging songs with different instruments while playing drums, while Chrissy sings main vocals and dances. I was really interested in Alex who both played keyboard and backed-up Chrissy on vocals and I wished you talked a little more about what he does to compliment the song. Hell, I think Alex sounded like the most talented on the track, but Kurt also deserves some props for arranging the song to make such a good cover. Overall, great job and thank you for introducing these artists to me.


  2. weinere says:

    Great post! I also really enjoy listening to covers and hearing someone’s own impersonation of a top song. I like OneRepublic so I definitely appreciate this choice. All three performers are extremely talented and I’m going to search for some more of their work.I really like this interpretation. These artists sing with a lot of passion. Thanks for sharing this video!


  3. Hey Shan!

    I really love your blog post! Alex Goot, Kurt Schneider and Chrissy Costanza are amazing singers! It is so great to hear popular songs today be covered by different groups with as much, if not even more talent. It is really great how you look closely into their cover and go beyond what they are singing. Analyzing their body movements, styles, and behaviors is a great way to think about this cover from a different perspective. It is clear that the singers in this video put a ton of effort into making it… more than I can imagine. However, I think it has paid off due to the number views they have received. I definitely now know of some great covers of popular songs to share with my friends!


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