Jason Chen & His Best Friend

Jason Chen is one of the top cover artists on YouTube. He compares in popularity to Kurt Hugo Schneider, Sam Tsui, Boyce Avenue, and Alex Goot. Jason is a talented Asian American singer. He has great vocal technique mixed with priceless facial expressions. With good style and personality, these traits make for a YouTube celebrity. Part of Schneider’s and Tsui’s success is due to their friendly demeanor. They introduce themselves as each video concludes and ask for likes and subscriptions. Jason Chen does similar marketing strategies. He has his own label, channel, and fan base. He is as popular as a singer as Ryan Higa is as a comedian and as Jeremy Lin is a basketball player. These three individuals make up for a popular culture on Asian American males.

Jason Chen’s eye wear leads to an interest discussion on frame design. The above diagram describes frame types that suits face shapes. Some prefer round glasses with circular rims. Some prefer rectangular frames with catchy floral patterns. Others might stick with the standard look. The default frame style has rimless bottoms and a dark colored upper rim. Yet, more and more individuals opt for the Ray-Ban look. Jason Chen is wearing frames that fit the description.

These Ray-Ban like frames are difficult to categorize. They are often made of plastic and carry a uniform look throughout. Jason Chen is wearing thick black-rimmed glasses. His look is quite contemporary. The dark frame sits heavily on his face. They are not as lightweight as titanium frames. Ray-Ban eye wear is stylish but not practical. They do not have adjustable nose pieces. The broad temple does not suit everyone’s facial structure. Despite the chic look, Ray-Ban frames do not match everyone’s needs. Some people require a thinner and more flexible design. Thick rimmed glasses cannot have all of the qualities most important in optical choice. A lasting pair of spectacles is more important than a once a week showing of horn-rimmed selections.

The point is not to criticize people’s choice of frame wear. A conversation on what best to look for when deciding on a pair of spectacles is relevant. Jason Chen’s appearance in his music video provides a dialogue opener on fit. His black frames suit his young adult look. They look fine on him. Jason Chen plays into the modern look perfectly for his online showcases. He demonstrates a look that is trendy and desirable among the youth. Many college students adapt the frame style that Chen adores. When contacts are dry and not been worn, black frames appear for reading and everyday use. Adolescences choose to purchase these styles to conform to the modern chic. Teenagers are not the only ones to follow this fad. Young adults and middle-aged individuals are transitioning to a new era of eye wear as well. Their demands in new spectacles go beyond the appearance. Smarter consumers of frames will often invest on a pair for the long haul.

YouTube celebrities often influence the style of their viewers. A younger demographic is more likely to be persuaded than an elderly group. Everyday, everyone is impacted by media. People see trends on television that captures their attention. Another case of a famous individual supporting the eye wear trend is Russell Westbrook. He is the star point guard of the Oklahoma City Thunders. He is rather serious on the court but less formal when traveling. His attire makes up the modern celebrity trend: a dark suit, a watch, boat shoes, and glasses. What is interesting about his frames are that they are non-prescription. Russell Westbrook does not have myopia. He can see rather clearly on the basketball court without correctional lenses. When he is off the courts, however, he prefers to spice up his style with lens-less eye wear.

Russell Westbrook is an influential figure in the trend of wearing glasses for fun. Jason Chen wears his Ray-Bans for style as well as to correct his nearsightedness. Together, they make frame wear more comfortable for their admirers. The work of Westbrook and Chen and their impact on lessening the stigma of wearing glasses is immense. They are the ones with the highest level of visibility. As Westbrook showcases his moves on the court and as Chen belches his vocal chords on the screen, these two stars highlight the good life. Building a career on sports and entertainment is an enviable one. Russell and Jason are both leaders in their profession and characters off screen. They owe part of their success to YouTube which circulates their performances across the globe.


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