YouTube For The Win

My name is Shan Lin. I was born and raised in Bronx, New York. Grew up in a working class neighborhood in the northern Bronx. Attended public school up until eighth grade. For high school, I attended an independent boarding school just outside of Boston, Massachusetts. Considered multiple liberal arts schools before choosing Dickinson. My interests are in music, athletics, and browsing the internet.

For my class blog, I hope to share my joys of listening to YouTube music videos. I am interested in the cover artists of the younger generation such as Boyce Avenue, Kurt Hugo Schneider, and Sam Tsui. Talking about the ways in which they achieved widespread accolades online, I would like to share my thoughts about their work. All three artists play a particular niche in the canon of video cover artists. Boyce Avenue is a trio of brothers. Kurt is a can do it all musician. Sam is a singer with great facial animation.

In my view, these three are among the top ten most accomplished singers on YouTube. I would like to compare their productions with each other and with their close competitions. Their artistic styles are as different as their contributions to their channels. Boyce Avenue focuses on acoustics while Kurt has ventured into electro. Sam is a pianist and enjoys singing popular music.

The extent to which these individuals collaborate with fellow artists is also an interesting dynamic. Boyce Avenue tends to invite lesser known singers while Kurt and Sam collaborate with some of the other big names. These celebrities include Max Schneider, Megan Nicole, and Tiffany Alvord. What most of these millennials have in common are their pathways toward fame. It appears to me that these people grew up with a background in music and then found a way to continue their passions through making covers of popular tunes. Some of their earlier videos are filmed within dining rooms, garages, and front porches. Their more recent productions take place within studios with even better equipment.

In my analysis of their video quality, I will not only talk about sound but also lighting design and camera tricks. While I do not have a background in film studies, I will attempt to discuss their techniques with some detail. Since this course is about writing in and for digital environments, I thought blogging about YouTube music cover videos would be a relevant topic. This way, not only may I continue to enjoy these cinematic experiences but also may talk about them in an academic setting. I believe that these individuals are doing great work and that they deserve recognition for the fun that they are all having. They are innovators of the music industry and entrepreneurs in the making. Their accomplishments arguably mirror those of young professional athletes. Here is why I think that is.

Personalities such as Tiffany Alvord and Megan Nicole, in my opinion, influence a generation of adolescents listening to music as do Jordan Spieth and Rory MacIlroy for golf. Their audience goes beyond the middle school and high school population. Take me for example, a college student who still follows their VEVO channels and subscribe to their latest videos, I consider myself a loser for doing so. No one knows for sure how important these singers are now to the young minds of the internet except for social scientists. As a slightly older individual writing about this for class, I imagine that their millions of views stand for something impressive. Not only do they fare well with big name record artists but their tally of views alone testifies to a new trend within music recreation. Internalizing their impact on online entertainment will provide me with an outlet for creative self expression. This class blog will allow me to share more about me through the language of mainstream music consumption.I hope that in doing so, I will continue to explore myself while exploring the digital environments.

Intertwining WordPress with YouTube will provide me with a sense of ownership. In generating a dialogue about their music, I will promote their fame even further whether for better or for worse. Perhaps publishing my views on their work will have a dynamic effect on the ways in which Dickinson students see their merits as well. At least for my class of fifteen fellow bloggers, I will discuss my admiration of their work for this fall term.


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  1. Can’t wait to read your blog entry about Boyce Avenue! I really like that group, they can make you feel pretty emotional with some combination of instruments and risky innovations with a popular song. Good covers are nice to listen to! I really like this blog! I have never paid much attention to some details present in music videos or how they can create different atmospheres for different purposes.

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