Happy Fall of 2015!

This WordPress account came about through taking a Writing in & for Digital Environments course at Dickinson. Taught by Professor Kersh, Writing in & for Digital Environments is an English class focusing on digital writing. My reasons for taking this course includes fulfilling my Writing in the Discipline core requirement, to learn more about digital writing, and to express myself more professionally online. So far, this class has provided me with an educated view on publishing on the web. Transitioning my work from in-class to a public domain has been a leap of faith for me. I have never created a blog before taking this course.

Thinking about voicing my thoughts online as an academic discipline is different from a traditional academic experience. Luckily, the weekly posts are about topics of choice surrounding a particular angle. My focus will be on YouTube cover celebrities and their ongoing success as musicians and pop stars. This project is accessible to anyone with steady bandwidth on their desktops. By talking about a mainstream musical experience, I seek to present myself as a student of digital literacy. Being able to talk about peers that I admire can help me find my own perspective as a young adult.


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